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At Sadafal Education, we provide services to learners at all levels. We believe that anyone can discover, learn and master their passion.

The foundationalist


First time learning an essential skill? We develop programs for the developing and growing brain. What is more important than empowering the future, after all?

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Looking to make a change? If you’re out there looking to make a switch or learn new things, learn from the greatest and brightest; and become the best!

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So you’re ready to take it to the next level at work. Learn from the Masters of their fields, and become ‘that’ go-to person you’ve been admiring!

Our Centers

The different centers we provide across the globe.

At Sadafal Education, we provide services to learners at all levels. We believe that anyone can discover, learn and master their passion.

Varanasi Skills Center

From the end of 2020, over 100 enrolments have benefited from Varanasi.


Sadafal Education Kenya

Operating since 2019 to educate local communities.


Raipur Skills Center

Offered several vocational courses including Plumbing, Electrician and more.


Mumbai Hospitality Skills Center

Coming soon...

The Past 12

The works of Sadafal Education in the past year.

Join us as we take a look back over the past year and celebrate what students at Sadafal Education have achieved!


Graduation Ceremony at Sadafal Education 2022.

Graduation Ceremony


Since opening our Vocational Skills Center in Varanasi since the 7th of September 2020, we have helped many girls in the Keshripur Village.

Their attendance to Computer and Sewing classes have grown them to become more self-sufficient, and given them the opportunity to acquire the skills that they need to pursue a career. Recently, our second graduation ceremony was celebrated on 26th January 2022.

Fashion Show at the 2022 Graduation Ceremony.

Women Empowerment


Amongst our efforts of helping as many students as we can reach in the village nearby to our center, we have found countless stories of individuals where money has stopped their education. We believe learning is for everyone, so we have helped them in every way we can.

At our Graduation Ceremony in 2022, our students participated in our very first fashion show, bringing light to the incredible garments each girl has created in the Stitching course.

A collage of dresses offered by Kesri Creations.

Kesri Creations


Kesri Creations is a flagship project of the Skills Center, commenced to empower youth - in particuar, the women of the Keshripur village with employability and life skills to give them independence in society!

This project is where students from the Garment Stitching course aim to produce garments that are commercialised to the general public, helping them develop their professional skills and knowledge of selling what they make.

Our Student's Words

Hear from our students about their experiences.

We support our students to discover, learn and master their passion. Here's what they have to say about their journey so far!



My name is Alok. I am 13 years’ old. I live in Keshripur. My father does furniture work for living and look after our family. There are total 5 members in my family. I joined Sadafal Education Skill Center for learning computer. I love computer and happy with our teacher who treats and guide us well and always helps me whenever I did wrong.

Here every child has been given a computer to learn, has internet which help us learn new things. It has been a full 4 months since I came here and I learn WordPad, Note Pad, Word, Excel etcI would like to sincerely thank the Sadafal Education for giving us this opportunity to learn.


My name is Avinash. I am 23 years old, I am a resident of Bhim Nagar Cantt Varanasi.

I'm still Doing B.sc I also want to study further. But due to poor financial condition of my house, I am not able to do further studies. There are 9 people in my house and my father runs the expenses of my house. This is a general store shop.

I am learning computer operations course taught here in a very good way, people here support a lot and Sir has forgiven me for my mistakes. I thank Sadafal Education for this very much.


My name is Jyoti. I am 18 years old. I have been learning computer operations course at Sadafal Education Skills Center since last 5 months. Previously I did not know anything about computer, how it runs, I have learned a lot in in the time I have been here - M.S.Office applications, Fundamental of computer and internet.

I enjoy learning computer here. Our computer teacher is very good they teach us with love and support. If nothing is understood, then it is repeated until it is well understood.


My name is Kajal, I am a resident of Kusato Jansa Varanasi. I am also a student of class 12th. I live with my maternal grandfather who supports us and the 5 people in my family.

My mother passed away and my father is unemployed. I came to know about Sadafal Education Skill Centre from my friend and came here to learn sewing along with further studies so that I could look after my family after learning. Due to financial problem my maternal grandfather refused to pay the fee. I met the head and told him about my problem, and Sadafal Education waived my total fee.

I would like to sincerely thank the Sadafal Education Skill Center for helping me.


My name is Karina. I live in Keshripur and a student of 7’th class. There are total 6 members in my family. My father and mother work as a labourer supporting 6 members in our family. My father’s month earnings are not fixed and very low because they get daily money in the work they do. We are not able to help our father because we are still very young.

That’s why I wanted to learn sewing. So that I can help my parents in managing the expense of house. Sadafal Education understood my situation and allowed me to study the Stitching course with no fees. I am so happy to know that there is still someone to help people like me. I am learning a lot every day and my teachers are very good. I sincerely thank the Sadafal Education Skill Center for their kindness.


My name is Kumari. I am 19 year’s old. I live in Keshripur Rohaniya Varanasi. There is total 7 members in my family. My father is a labour in Manrega.

He is the only one who bears all family expenses. My father’s month earnings are not fix because they get daily money in the work they do. Because of this I haD to stop my education after completing studies till class 12. I wanted to learn sewing so that I can also start earning and help my family.

I met Sadafal Education and explained my situation and happy to say that I was allowed to study the Stitching course with all fees waived. The teachers are very caring and teach us like my mother. I know soon I will be stitching clothes for others and earn from that. I am very happy to study here and thank Sadafal Education for helping people like me.


My name is Neha. I am 20 years old. I am resident of keshripur lohta Varanasi. I am a student of Sadafal Education Skill center. I came here to learn sewing. I am B.COM 3”rd year student.

When I came here to learn sewing I did not know anything. Before enrolling here I did not want to learn sewing as I didn’t even know how to hold scissors. It has been a full 6 months of learning sewing and I am so thankful to the teachers and staff of Sadafal Education to help me and now I have learnt so many things in sewing like Gown, Crop Top, Sarara, Plajo, etc.

I thank our trainers to teach me, to guide me and specially I thank Sadafal Education Skill center who gave me an opportunity to learn sewing.


My name is Ritu. I am 17 year’s old. I am graduating now from the Computer course soon. I live in keshripur Varanasi. I have been looking to to learn about computer and took admission in Sadafal Education. I did not know much about computer before coming here. It has been 3 months since I started my course at Sadafal Education Skill Center. After coming here, I got to learn a lot of new things like excel, paint, word etc. and always had a computer for me to learn.

Our teachers explain in very good and easy language to us, so that we can understand anything easily. After joining Sadafal Education, I got to learn a lot. I am thankful to Sadafal Education Skill Center.


My name is Sharad. I am a resident of Zaffarabad, Rohania Varanasi. My father is a laborer and mother is a housewife which means we always struggle with expenses with 6 members in the family.

Due to this situation I had to stop my studies the 12th. I could not study for 1 year. My father's friend Ravi Srivastav ji came to know about this and asked my father for my further education. We spoke to Sadafal Education and Subhashit Sir, knowing about my situation, gave me an opportunity to study computer for free.

By getting this opportunity, there is a lot of support in my studies. I want to thank the Sadafal Education Skill Center wholeheartedly that they gave me such a huge support to do something in my life.



Intern at Agnes, Student at Varanasi


Intern at Agnes, Student at Varanasi


Student at Kenya


Student at Varanasi


Student at Kenya


Student at Kenya


Student at Varanasi


Student at Varanasi

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